Adverse reproductive effects of maternal low-dose melamine exposure during pregnancy in rats
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AbstractMelamine is a heterocyclic, aromatic amine and nitrogen-enriched environmental toxicant, found in not only adulterated foodstuffs but also industrial household tableware and paints. Previous studies demonstrated adverse effects of high-dose melamine on human infants and pregnant animals, but effects of low-dose melamine on pregnancy have not been reported. In this study, reproductive effects of low-dose melamine were investigated in pregnant rats. Melamine in the range of 12.5–50 mg/kg was administered to pregnant rats at different gestational stages. Maternal weight gain was not significantly affected, and other maternal morbidity was not observed. Low-dose melamine exposure during pregnancy increased fetal size but reduced somite number in gastrulation (GD8.5–GD10.5) and organogenesis (GD10.5–GD16.5) periods, and increased incidence of stillbirth in whole gestational period (GD0.5 to delivery). Embryotoxicity of melamine was further confirmed by whole embryo culture in vitro that melamine retarded embryonic growth, impaired development of brain and heart, and induced open neural tube and atrioventricular defects with increased apoptosis. In conclusion, adverse reproductive effects of low-dose melamine during pregnancy were identified in the developing rat embryos and the perinatal effects of melamine were gestational and developmental stage dependent. Detailed hazard and risk assessment of melamine in reproduction system are warrant.
Acceptance Date01/11/2015
All Author(s) ListChu Ching Yan, Tang Ling Ying, Li Lu, Shum Alisa Sau Wun, Fung Kwok Pui, Wang Chi Chiu
Journal nameEnvironmental Toxicology
Volume Number32
Issue Number1
Place of PublicationUnited States
Pages131 - 138
LanguagesEnglish-United States
Keywordsmelamine, reproductive effects, embryo development

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