The potential role of TM9SF4 in trafficking and actin dynamics
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TM9SF4 belongs to the transmembrane 9 superfamily, which is characterized
by nine putative trans-membrane domains and a large non-cytoplasmic N terminus
with a signal peptide. This family is highly conserved through evolution.
Researchers already found that TM9SF4 has some function related to phagocytosis
and adhesion in ameba and drosophila. Besides, its expression level is
upregulated in cancer cell and the function of which may related to cancer cell
invasion and cannibalism. However, the exact role of TM9SF4 in cancer cell is
still unknown.

We found the major localization of this protein is Golgi, however, it was
also detected in other organelle such as ER, endosome and lysosome. In
addition, TM9SF4 also exist in some extracellular vesicle like exosome and can
transport from cell to cell. In certain cell type, such as breast cancer cell
MCF-7, TM9SF4 has a pseudopodia distribution beside its Golgi localization. Its
broad subcellular localization may indicate that TM9SF4 is involved in some
intra/intercellular trafficking process.

In order to know the function of TM9SF4 in cancer cell, we used shRNA to
knockdown the expression and found that knockdown could generate larger cell as
well as increased stress fiber. This indicated that TM9SF4 may play a role in
cytoskeleton rearrangement in cancer cell. And we also found that TM9SF4 could
interact with cytoskeleton protein like microfilament protein β-Actin and interfilament protein vimentin but not
microtubule protein β-tubulin. In
addition, the interaction between TM9SF4 and beta-actin is very strong during
the early adhesion stage but will become weaker as the adhesion time increase
and when the cell reaches a comparatively stable state the interaction will
barely detectable.

Acceptance Date08/09/2016
All Author(s) ListMENG Zhaoyue, JIANG Liwen, YAO Xiaoqiang
Name of ConferenceUnconventional Protein and Membrane Traffic Meeting 2016
Start Date of Conference04/10/2016
End Date of Conference07/10/2016
Place of ConferenceLecce
Country/Region of ConferenceItaly
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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