Case series on the efficacy of a synthetic cartilage implant for the treatment of hallux rigidus
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摘要Introduction: Hallux rigidus is the degeneration of the first metatarsalphalangeal joint resulting in pain and stiffness. After failed conservative management, the mainstay is operative management for pain management. Joint-sacrificing arthrodesis was considered the gold standard. Joint-sparing operations have shown success lately; including cheilectomy, osteotomy, and newer options like implants. There is a lack of studies in the use of artificial implants, especially in our locality.

Methods: Patients who underwent synthetic cartilage implant in Prince of Wales Hospital between January 2019 and June 2021 were retrospectively recruited. They completed the Foot and Ankle Outcome Score (FAOS), before and 3 months after the operation. The Hattrup and Johnson (H&J) Classification was used to classify the hallux rigidus.

Results: Four patients were recruited, three with H&J grade 2 and one grade 1. There was an increase in the mean of the FAOS in all five domains, however not statistically significant. The mean score of the pain domain increased from 56.9 to 64.6 (p=0.269), symptoms from 47.3 to 58.0 (p=0.273), ADL from 70.53 to 77.95 (p=0.273), sports from 38.8 to 52.5 (p=0.197), and QoL from 37.5 to 57.8 (p=0.066).

Discussion and Conclusion: The increase in the scores over all five domains is promising, although not statistically significant. In view of our small sample size, the strength will be limited. Thus, this small-scale study provides an encouraging pathway for further studies as the use of artificial implants is still rapidly developing.
著者Ashley Ying Ying Wong, Patrick Shu Hang Yung, Samuel Ka Kin Ling
會議名稱The Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association 41st Annual Congress 2021
會議地點Hong Kong
會議論文集題名The Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association 41st Annual Congress 2021
出版社HKAM Press
出版地Hong Kong
頁次96 - 96
關鍵詞Hallux Rigidus

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