Sample-to-answer on molecular diagnosis of bacterial infection using integrated lab-on-a-disc
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摘要Sepsis by bacterial infection causes high mortality in patients in intensive care unit (ICU). Rapid identification of bacterial infection is essential to ensure early appropriate administration of antibiotics to save lives of patients, yet the present benchtop molecular diagnosis is time­consuming and labor­intensive, which limits the treatment efficiency especially when the number of samples to be tested is extensive. Therefore, we hereby report a microfluidic platform lab­on­a­disc (LOAD) to provide a sample-to-answer solution. Our LOAD customized design of microfluidic channels allows automation to mimic sequential analytical steps in benchtop environment. It relies on a simple but controllable centrifugation force for the actuation of samples and reagents. Our LOAD system performs three major functions, namely DNA extraction, isothermal DNA amplification and real-time signal detection, in a predefined sequence. The disc is self-contained for conducting sample heating with chemical lysis buffer and silica microbeads are employed for DNA extraction from clinical specimens. Molecular diagnosis of specific target bacteria DNA sequences is then performed using a real­time loop­mediated isothermal amplification (RT­LAMP) with SYTO-9 as the signal reporter. Our LOAD system capable of bacterial identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) and Acinetobacter baumanii (Ab) with the detection limits 103 cfu/mL TB in sputum and 102 cfu/mL Ab in blood within 2 h after sample loading. The reported LOAD based on an integrated approach should address the growing needs for rapid point­of­care medical diagnosis in ICU.
著者LOO Fong Chuen, KWOK Ho Chin, LEUNG Chi Hung Czarina, WU Shu Yuen, LAW Lok Gi Iris, CHEUNG Ying Kit, CHEUNG Y Y, CHIN Miu Ling, KWAN Kwok Leung Patrick, HUI Mamie, KONG Siu Kai, HO Ho Pui
期刊名稱Biosensors and Bioelectronics
頁次212 - 219
關鍵詞Infectious disease diagnosis, Lab-­on-­a-disc, Loop-­mediated isothermal amplification, Sample-to-answer

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