Economic Disadvantage and Transitional Outcomes: A Study of Young People From Low-Income Families in Hong Kong
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摘要This study draws on data from focus groups involving 50 young people from low-income families in Hong Kong to investigate their school-to-work experiences. In line with the ecological–developmental perspective, our results show that contextual influences, including lower levels of parental involvement and lack of opportunities for further education or skill development, constrain both the formulation and pursuit of educational and career goals. In contrast, service use and supportive interactions with parents and non-family adults were found to help young people find a career direction and foster more adaptive transition. Furthermore, our results indicate a striking difference in intrapersonal agency and coping styles between youths who were attending further education or engaged in jobs with career advancement opportunities and those who were not. We discuss the implications of our findings, both for future research and for policy development to enhance the school-to-work transition of economically disadvantaged young people.
著者NGAI Sek Yum, CHEUNG Chau Kiu, TO Siu Ming, LUAN Hui, ZHAO Ruiling
期刊名稱International Journal of Adolescence and Youth
出版社Taylor & Francis
頁次318 - 335
關鍵詞School-to-work transition, low-income families, resilience

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