A simple and efficient 1-D macroscopic model for shape memory alloys considering ferro-elasticity effect
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AbstractIn this paper, a simple and efficient phenomenological macroscopic one-dimensional model is proposed which is able to simulate main features of shape memory alloys (SMAs) particularly ferro-elasticity effect. The constitutive model is developed within the framework of thermodynamics of irreversible processes to simulate the one-dimensional behavior of SMAs under uniaxial simple tension-compression as well as pure torsion+/- loadings. Various functions including linear, cosine and exponential functions are introduced in a unified framework for the martensite transformation kinetics and an analytical description of constitutive equations is presented. The presented model can be used to reproduce primary aspects of SMAs including transformation/orientation of martensite phase, shape memory effect, pseudo-elasticity and in particular ferro-elasticity. Experimental results available in the open literature for uniaxial tension, torsion and bending tests are simulated to validate the present SMA model in capturing the main mechanical characteristics. Due to simplicity and accuracy, it is expected the present SMA model will be instrumental toward an accurate analysis of SMA components in various engineering structures particularly when the fen-o-elasticity is obvious.
All Author(s) ListDamanpack AR, Bodaghi M, Liao WH, Aghdam MM, Shakeri M
Volume Number16
Issue Number4
Pages641 - 665
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordsconstitutive modeling; ferro-elasticity; martensitic transformation; pseudo-elasticity; shape memory alloys
Web of Science Subject CategoriesEngineering; Engineering, Civil; Engineering, Mechanical; Instruments & Instrumentation

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