The application of urban climatic mapping to the urban planning of high-density cities: The case of Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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摘要There is a need to create sustainable urban development and quality living environments for the growing urban populations of high-density cities. Sustainable urban planning of high-density cities from the urban climatic point of view is a topical issue for city planners and policy makers. However, the application of urban climatic knowledge has only led to low-impact urban planning decision-making. This is especially true in high-density cities in developing countries. Thus, there is an urgent need to seek ways to quickly collate urban climatic information for planning in a format that is user-friendly for planners. This study has identified ways to promote the use of urban climatic knowledge in planning. By utilizing readily-available data, the paper introduces a method that focuses on urban planning using an urban climatic map (UCMap). A UCMap provides a visual and spatial information platform for the planner-friendly Geographical Information System (GIS). By focusing on Kaohsiung, Taiwan, the study first defines the urban climatic issues in the area. It then introduces the key methodology of urban climatic mapping and elaborates on general urban-climatic-based planning advice for planners using a UCMap. Lastly, it identifies sensitive areas and provides planning recommendations that can be easily tested and applied by city planners. The critical importance of urban greenery and coverage, urban air paths and open spaces, water bodies and rivers, and building morphology and layout have been highlighted visually and spatially for planners. Crown Copyright (c) 2013 Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
著者Ren C, Lau KL, Yiu KP, Ng E
頁次1 - 16
關鍵詞Climatope; High-density city; Sustainable urban planning; Urban climatic application; Urban climatic map (UCMap)
Web of Science 學科類別Urban Studies; URBAN STUDIES

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