Enhancement of Photovoltaic Performance by Utilizing Readily Accessible Hole Transporting Layer of Vanadium(V) Oxide Hydrate in a Polymer-Fullerene Blend Solar Cell
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AbstractHerein, a successful application of V2O5 center dot nH(2)O film as hole transporting layer (HTL) instead of PEDOT:PSS in polymer solar cells is demonstrated. The V2O5 center dot nH(2)O layer was spin-coated from V2O5 center dot nH(2)O sol made from melting quenching sol gel method by directly using vanadium oxide powder, which is readily accessible and cost-effective. V2O5 center dot nH(2)O (n approximate to 1) HTL is found to have comparable work function and smooth surface to that of PEDOT:PSS. For the solar cell containing V2O5 center dot nH(2)O HTL and the active layer of the blend of a novel polymer donor (PBDSe-DT2PyT) and the acceptor of PC71BM, the PCE was significantly improved to 5.87% with a 30% increase over 4.55% attained with PEDOT:PSS HTL. Incorporation of V2O5 center dot nH(2)O as HTL in the polymer solar cell was found to enhance the crystallinity of the active layer, electron-blocking at the anode and the light-harvest in the wavelength range of 400-550 nm in the cell. V2O5 center dot nH(2)O HTL improves the charge generation and collection and suppress the charge recombination within the PBDSeDT2PyT:PC71BM solar cell, leading to a simultaneous enhancement in V-oc, J(sc), and FF. The V2O5 center dot nH(2)O HTL proposed in this work is envisioned to be of great potential to fabricate highly efficient PSCs with low-cost and massive production.
All Author(s) ListJiang YY, Xiao SQ, Xu B, Zhan C, Mai LQ, Lu XH, You W
Journal nameACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
Volume Number8
Issue Number18
Pages11658 - 11666
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordshole transporting layer; melting-quenching sol-gel method; PEDOT:PSS; polymer solar cell; vanadium(V) oxide hydrate
Web of Science Subject CategoriesMaterials Science; Materials Science, Multidisciplinary; Nanoscience & Nanotechnology; Science & Technology - Other Topics

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