Expression and localization of endothelin converting enzyme in rat vas deferens
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AbstractEndothelins (ETs) are a family of vasoconstrictor and mitogenic peptides originally isolated from the endothelial cells. Three isoforms of ET, namely ET-1, ET-2 and ET-3, are generated from their respective intermediate precursors big ETs through specific endoproteolytic cleavage by endothelin converting enzyme (ECE). Using reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), we have isolated a cDNA encoding for ECE from both the prostatic and epididymal halves of rat vas deferens. In situ hybridization using digoxigenin-labeled ECE cDNA probe demonstrated that ECE mRNA is preferentially localized in the inner longitudinal smooth muscle layer adjacent to submucosa region of rat vas deferens. Both ET-1 and big ET-1 at 30 nM potentiated electrically stimulated contractile response of prostatic vas deferens. Pre-incubation of tissue with a metalloprotease ECE inhibitor phosphoramidon (10 mu M) strongly inhibited the response to big ET-1, but not to ET-1. On the other hand, big ET-1 failed to elicit contractile response of epididymal vas deferens. Phosphoramidon alone did not affect both the basal and electrically stimulated contractile responses in vas deferens. These data indicate that the circulating ET-1 and its immediate precursor big ET-1 could differentially regulate smooth muscle contractions in the prostatic and epididymal vas deferens of the rat.
All Author(s) ListWan DCC, Luk SKS, Tsim KWK, Cheung WT
Journal nameLife Sciences
Volume Number60
Issue Number18
Pages1605 - 1612
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordsendopeptidase; endothelin converting enzyme; endothelins; in situ hybridization; RT-PCR
Web of Science Subject CategoriesMedicine, Research & Experimental; MEDICINE, RESEARCH & EXPERIMENTAL; Pharmacology & Pharmacy; PHARMACOLOGY & PHARMACY; Research & Experimental Medicine

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