Corrosion resistance of NdFeB magnets coated by Al
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AbstractHot steam corrosion tests were performed on heat-treated Al coated NdFeB magnets. The results suggest that the corrosion process can be divided into different stages, Initially, Nd which diffuses across the Al coating from the Nd-rich grain boundaries of the magnet during annealing, reacts with the moisture forming either Nd oxide or hydroxide at the surface. Upon further corrosion, the brittle Al-Fe-Nd-O-B compounds are formed, and they appear as lumps of oxides or hydroxides of Nd and Fe on the coating layer. And finally, the whole coating is consumed due to corrosion, and the corrosion process proceeds into the magnet material forming mostly Fe oxide or hydroxides. Among various annealed coated magnets, the one which is heat treated at 500 degrees C for 10 mins has the highest corrosion resistance against the moist and salty environment.
All Author(s) ListKu NC, Qin CD, Yu CC, Ng DHL
Name of Conference1996 IEEE International Magnetics Conference (INTERMAG 96)
Start Date of Conference09/04/1996
End Date of Conference12/04/1996
Place of ConferenceSEATTLE
Journal nameIEEE Transactions on Magnetics
Volume Number32
Issue Number5
Pages4407 - 4409
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Web of Science Subject CategoriesEngineering; Engineering, Electrical & Electronic; ENGINEERING, ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC; Physics; Physics, Applied; PHYSICS, APPLIED

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