Ultrastructural calcification of glomerular immune complexes
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AbstractWe report a previously undescribed ultrastructural calcification of glomerular immune complex depositions in a patient with lupus nephritis. Such processes give rise to a distinctive ultrastructural calcified microspheriol in electron-dense immune deposits, and were associated with hypercalcemia and nephrocalcinosis. The cause of hypercalcemia in this patient was uncertain, but related to a granulomatous inflammation and abscess of the breast, Whereas ultrastructural microcalcification was associated with hypercalcemia, its distribution in the segmental glomerular lesions suggests that an inflammatory process was contributory, The clinical follow-up indicates that the microcalcifications of immune complexes have not affected the outcome of nephritis and renal function.
All Author(s) ListLai FMM, To KF, Wang A, Choi PCL, Cheng JSK, Chew EC
Journal nameModern Pathology
Volume Number9
Issue Number1
Pages36 - 40
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordsgranulomatous inflammation; hypercalcemia; immune complex deposits; lupus nephritis; metastatic calcification; microspheriols; nephrocalcinosis
Web of Science Subject CategoriesPathology; PATHOLOGY

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