Active and passive fields in turbulent transport: The role of statistically preserved structures
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AbstractWe have recently proposed that the statistics of active fields (which affect the velocity field itself) in well-developed turbulence are also dominated by the statistically preserved structures of auxiliary passive fields which are advected by the same velocity field. The statistically preserved structures are eigenmodes of eigenvalue 1 of an appropriate propagator of the decaying (unforced) passive field, or equivalently, the zero modes of a related operator. In this paper we investigate further this surprising finding via two examples of shell models, one akin to turbulent convection in which the temperature is the active scalar, and the other akin to magnetohydrodynamics in which the magnetic field is the active vector. In the first example, all the even correlation functions of the active and passive fields exhibit identical scaling behavior. The second example appears at first sight to be a counterexample: the statistical objects of the active and passive fields have entirely different scaling exponents. We demonstrate, nevertheless, that the statistically preserved structures of the passive vector dominate again the statistics of the active field, except that due to a dynamical conservation law the amplitude of the leading zero mode cancels exactly. The active vector is then dominated by the subleading zero mode of the passive vector. Our work thus suggests that the statistical properties of active fields in turbulence can be understood with the same generality as those of passive fields.
All Author(s) ListChing ESC, Cohen Y, Gilbert T, Procaccia I
Journal namePhysical Review E
Volume Number67
Issue Number1
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Web of Science Subject CategoriesPhysics; Physics, Fluids & Plasmas; PHYSICS, FLUIDS & PLASMAS; Physics, Mathematical; PHYSICS, MATHEMATICAL

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