Bak Foong Pills stimulate anion secretion across normal and cystic fibrous pancreatic duct epithelia
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AbstractThe present study examined the effect of Bak Foong Pills (BFP), an over-the-counter traditional Chinese medicine (China registration no. Z980035), on anion secretion and the underlying signaling pathways in normal and cystic fibrosis pancreatic duct cell lines, CAPAN-1 and CFPAC-1, respectively, using the short-circuit current technique. Apical addition of BFP ethanol extract (600 mug/ml) induced a fast transient I-SC peak that was followed by a slower but more sustained increase in I-SC in CAPAN-1 cells. However, the response to BFP in CFPAC-1 was predominantly the first transient peak. Apical addition of DIDS (200 muM) inhibited the first peak by more than 60% in both cell lines without significantly affecting the second I-SC rise. More than 85% of the BFP-induced first transient in both cell lines was inhibited when extra and intracellular Ca2+ was chelated or emptied by pre-treatment with BAPTA (100 AM) and thapsigargin (10 muM), respectively. Acute addition of PMA (1 muM), a PKC activator, blocked more than 95% of the BFP-induced first peak in both cell lines, consistent with previously reported PKC modulation of Ca2+-dependent pancreatic anion secretion. The BFP-induced second I-SC rise in CAPAN-1 could be inhibited by 73.6% and 71.13% by pretreatment of the cells with MDL-12330A (20 muM), an adenylate cyclase inhibitor and Rp-cAMP (200 muM), a cyclic AMP antagonist, respectively. However, less than 25% of the I-SC was inhibited by combined treatment with BAPTA and thapsigargin. The second rise was also completely blocked by DPC (2 mM) or Glibenclamide (1 mM). The results indicate that BFP ethanol extract stimulates pancreatic duct anion secretion in normal and CF cells via different signaling pathways involving both Ca2+ and cAMP. (C) 2002 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.
All Author(s) ListZhu JX, Lo PS, Zhao WC, Tang N, Zhou Q, Rowlands DK, Cou YL, Chung YW, Chan HC
Journal nameCell Biology International
Volume Number26
Issue Number12
Pages1011 - 1018
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordsanion secretion; Bai Feng Wan; Bak Foong Pills; CAPAN-1; CFPAC-1
Web of Science Subject CategoriesCell Biology; CELL BIOLOGY

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