Secretin as a neuropeptide
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AbstractThe role of secretin as a classical hormone in the gastrointestinal system is well-established. The recent debate on the use of secretin as a potential therapeutic treatment for autistic patients urges a better understanding of the neuroactive functions of secretin. Indeed, there is an increasing body of evidence pointing to the direction that, in addition to other peptides in the secretin/glucagon superfamily, secretin is also a neuropeptide. The purpose of this review is to discuss the recent data for supporting the neurocrine roles of secretin in rodents. By in situ hybridization and immunostaining, secretin was found to be expressed in distinct neuronal populations within the cerebellum and cerebral cortex, whereas the receptor transcript was found throughout the brain. In the rat cerebellum, secretin functions as a retrograde messenger to facilitate GABA transmission, indicating that it can modulate motor and other functions. In summary, the recent data support strongly the neuropeptide role of secretin, although the secretin-autism link remains to be clarified in the future.
All Author(s) ListNg SSM, Yung WH, Chow BKC
Journal nameMolecular Neurobiology
Volume Number26
Issue Number1
Pages97 - 107
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordsautism; cerebellum; GABA; inhibitory postsynaptic currents; neuropeptide; Purkinje cells; secretin
Web of Science Subject CategoriesNeurosciences; NEUROSCIENCES; Neurosciences & Neurology

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