Expression of apoptotic regulators and their significance in cervical cancer
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AbstractInsufficient apoptosis is implicated in many human cancers, including cervical carcinoma. The objectives of this study were to explore changes of apoptosis-regulating gene expression and their clinical significance in cervical cancer. The expression of apoptosis-regulating genes, including five Bcl-2 family and two caspase family members, was evaluated in 43 cervical invasive squamous cell carcinomas, using immunohistochemistry. Specimens in which greater than or equal to10% of the neoplastic cells showed cytosolic immunoreactivity were considered to be immunopositive. Results were correlated with clinico-pathologic characteristics of the subjects, All seven apoptotic regulators examined were positive in a proportion of the tumors. The percentage of cases expressing Bax was higher in the patients without evidence of disease after treatment than in the patients alive with disease or who died of disease P < 0.05). A significant difference in disease-free survival was detected between Bax-positive and negative groups (P < 0.05), and in overall survival between Mel-1-positive and -negative groups (P < 0.05). Significant association between the seven markers tested was only found for caspase 3 and Bak immunoreactivity in cervical carcinoma (P < 0.05). The results demonstrate expression of multiple apoptosis-modulating proteins in cervical cancer. There appears to be complex regulation of apoptosis protein levels in association with clinical behavior of cervical squamous cell carcinoma. (C) 2002 Published by Elsevier Science Ireland Ltd.
All Author(s) ListChung TKH, Cheung TH, Lo WK, Yim SF, Yu MY, Krajewski S, Reed JC, Wong YF
Journal nameCancer Letters
Volume Number180
Issue Number1
Pages63 - 68
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordsapoptolic regulator; cervical carcinoma; expression
Web of Science Subject CategoriesOncology; ONCOLOGY

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