Elfin is expressed during early heart development
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摘要Elfin (previously named CLIM1) is a protein that possesses an N-terminal PDZ domain and a C-terminal LIM domain. It belongs to the family of Enigma proteins. Enigma proteins are a family of cytoplasmic proteins that contain an N-terminal PDZ domain and a series of C-terminal LIM domains. By virtue of these two protein interacting domains, Enigma proteins are capable of protein-protein interactions. It has been proposed that Enigma proteins may act as adapters between kinases and the cytoskeleton. We have previously shown that Elfin is most abundantly expressed in the heart and it colocalizes with alpha -actinin 2 at the Z-disks of the myocardium. In this report, Elfin was shown to localize at the actin stress fibers of myoblasts, as revealed by green fluorescent protein (GFP) tagging. In situ hybridization and immunostaining showed that Elfin expression begins at an early stage in mouse development and is present throughout the developing heart. Taken together, our experimental results suggest that Elfin may play an important role in myofibrillogenesis and heart development. J. Cell. Biochem. 83: 463-472, 2001. (C) 2001 Wiley-Liss, Inc.
著者Kotaka M, Lau YM, Cheung KK, Lee SMY, Li HY, Chan WY, Fung KP, Lee CY, Waye MMY, Tsui SKW
期刊名稱Journal of Cellular Biochemistry
頁次463 - 472
關鍵詞CLIM1; CLP-36; embryonic development; enigma protein; heart muscle; LIM domain; PDZ domain
Web of Science 學科類別Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY; Cell Biology; CELL BIOLOGY

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