Diagnosis of peritonsillar infections: a prospective study of ultrasound, computerized tomography and clinical diagnosis
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AbstractPeritonsillar infections include cellulitis and abscess (quinsy). Clinical diagnosis is often supplemented by diagnostic drainage (aspiration or incision) in an effort to distinguish abscess from cellulitis. In a prospective study of 14 patients we have shown that clinical impression alone is unreliable (sensitivity 78 per cent, specificity 50 per cent). Computerized tomography (CT) (sensitivity 100 per cent, specificity 75 per cent) and intraoral ultrasound (sensitivity 89 per cent, specificity 100 per cent) are much more reliable, We propose that intraoral ultrasound could play a useful role in the clinical assessment of peritonsillar infections helping to improve accuracy in distinguishing abscesses from cellulitis.
All Author(s) ListScott PMJ, Loftus WK, Kew J, Ahuja A, Yue V, van Hasselt CA
Journal nameJournal of Laryngology and Otology
Volume Number113
Issue Number3
Pages229 - 232
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordsabscess; cellulitis; tomography, x-ray computed; tonsillitis; ultrasonography
Web of Science Subject CategoriesOtorhinolaryngology; OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY

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