Cellular mechanisms of adrenaline-stimulated anion secretion by the mouse endometrial epithelium
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AbstractThe uterine fluid composition is largely determined by the absorptive and secretory activities of the endometrial epithelium. The present study explored the cellular mechanisms involved in adrenaline-stimulated anion secretion across the cultured mouse endometrial epithelium using the short-circuit current (I-SC) technique in conjunction with transporter inhibitors and channel blockers, Cultured endometrial epithelial monolayers responded to basolateral application of adrenaline with an increase in I-SC, which was attributable to both Cl- and HCO3 secretion. When extracellular Cl- or HCO3 was removed, the adrenaline-induced response, as measured by the total charge transfer per unit area, was reduced to 53% and 46%, respectively, When both Cl- and HCO3- were absent from the bathing solutions, the adrenaline-induced response was reduced to only 2% of the response when both ions were present, indicating substantial contribution of Cl and HCO3 secretion to the adrenaline-stimulated response. Cellular mechanisms, e.g., transporters and ion channels, involved in Cl- or HCO3- secretion were investigated separately. Cl- secretion was found to depend on the activities of basolaterally located Na+-K+-ATPase, Na+-K+-2Cl cotransporter, and K+ channels, while evidence suggested that HCO3- secretion depends substantially on basolaterally situated Na+-HCO3- cotransporter and Na+-H+ exchanger. Similar to what was seen for Cl- exit, a large portion of HCO3- appeared to exit apically through anion channels. The results indicate that the uterine fluid composition in the mouse may be regulated by adrenaline through stimulation of both Cl- and HCO3- secretion and may be fine-tuned through an elaborate operation of different cellular mechanisms.
All Author(s) ListFong SK, Liu CQ, Chan HC
Journal nameBiology of Reproduction
Volume Number59
Issue Number6
Pages1342 - 1348
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Web of Science Subject CategoriesReproductive Biology; REPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGY

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