Sociolinguistic variation in Asian Englishes The case of coronal stop deletion
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AbstractThis paper examines coronal stop deletion (CSD), the deletion of word-final /- t, -d/ in consonant clusters, in three new varieties of Asian English: China English, Hong Kong English, and Viet Nam English. The study seeks to determine to which extent the linguistic and extralinguistic constraints found to govern CSD in other varieties of English also impact CSD in emerging Englishes such as those examined in the current study. A total of 60 tertiary students, 20 from each variety of English, participated in the study. Results indicate that, while new Englishes such as China English, Hong Kong English, and Viet Nam English are affected by constraints such as linguistic environment and morphological conditioning, the proficiency level of speakers impacts CSD rates and the effects of the various constraints.
All Author(s) ListJette G. Hansen Edwards
Journal nameEnglish World-Wide
Volume Number37
Issue Number2
Pages138 - 167
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsViet Nam English, Asian Englishes, coronal stop deletion, Hong Kong English, China English, /-t, -d/ deletion
Web of Science Subject CategoriesLanguage & Linguistics; Linguistics

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