Global Genomic Diversity of Human Papillomavirus 11 Based on 433 Isolates and 78 Complete Genome Sequences
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AbstractHuman papillomavirus 11 (HPV11) is an etiological agent of anogenital warts and laryngeal papillomas and is included in the 4-valent and 9-valent prophylactic HPV vaccines. We established the largest collection of globally circulating HPV11 isolates to date and examined the genomic diversity of 433 isolates and 78 complete genomes (CGs) from six continents. The genomic variation within the 2,800-bp E5a-E5b-L1-upstream regulatory region was initially studied in 181/207 (87.4%) HPV11 isolates collected for this study. Of these, the CGs of 30 HPV11 variants containing unique single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), indels (insertions or deletions), or amino acid changes were fully sequenced. A maximum likelihood tree based on the global alignment of 78 HPV11 CGs (30 CGs from our study and 48 CGs from GenBank) revealed two HPV11 lineages (lineages A and B) and four sublineages (sublineages A1, A2, A3, and A4). HPV11 (sub) lineage-specific SNPs within the CG were identified, as well as the 208-bp representative region for CG-based phylogenetic clustering within the partial E2 open reading frame and noncoding region 2. Globally, sublineage A2 was the most prevalent, followed by sublineages A1, A3, and A4 and lineage B.
All Author(s) ListJelen MM, Chen ZG, Kocjan BJ, Hosnjak L, Burt FJ, Chan PKS, Chouhy D, Combrinck CE, Estrade C, Fiander A, Garland SM, Giri AA, Gonzalez JV, Groning A, Hibbitts S, Luk TNM, Marinic K, Matsukura T, Neumann A, Ostrbenk A, Picconi MA, Sagadin M, Sahli R, Seedat RY, Seme K, Severini A, Sinchi JL, Smahelova J, Tabrizi SN, Tachezy R, Faybush ST, Uloza V, Uloziene I, Wong YW, Lepej SZ, Burk RD, Poljak M
Journal nameJournal of Virology
Volume Number90
Issue Number11
Pages5503 - 5513
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Web of Science Subject CategoriesVirology

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