AME survey-003 A2: on the attractiveness of an medicine career in current China with a survey of 7,508 medical professionals and 443 non-medical professionals
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AbstractThis is a part of the study of AME survey-003, aiming to understand the motivation and attractiveness of a career in medicine in China. The surveys were conducted on DXY platform with 3,564 medical professionals during October 26 to November 20; on Sojump platform with 1,587 medical professionals during October 28 to December 14, and 443 non-medical professionals during November 15 to December, all in 2015. Similar to our previous result, the not regretted participants vs. regretted participants (N/Y) ratio was 1.1 (P<0.01), and there was no significant difference in N/Y ratio between male and female medical professionals. Medical professionals working in class-IIIA hospitals, small township hospitals, or primary care clinics had a relatively higher job satisfaction than those in hospitals of other classes, while lecturer-level attending doctors (zhuzhi yishi) had a relatively lower job satisfaction than doctors of other grades. A large portion of respondents who replied they regretted entered medical profession said they would still like to be in this profession if they could be in their preferred hospital class and specialty. Public health and basic science research staff, anesthesiologists, oncologists had a relatively higher job satisfaction, while accident and emergency physicians, nurses, and pediatricians had a relatively lower job satisfaction. Medical professionals in Yunnan and Gansu ranked consistently high in job satisfaction than other provinces; despite they were not in the economically advanced regions in China. Similar to our previous result, the majority of the participants favored China to open up medical market to qualified foreign medical organizations to take part in fair competition, as well as favor the government to support regulated private hospitals. Pooled data of 7,508 medical professionals with data from AME survey-003 A1 included showed medicine was the top career choice among medical professionals' children (104/508, 20.5%), followed by finance and economics (74/508, 14.4%), and then electronic engineering or computer science (67/508, 13.2%). Among the 443 non-medical professionals, 122 have children who are attending university or have graduated, 12 (9.8%, 12/122) of them are pursuing a career in medicine. For the 100 non-medical professional parents whose children did not study medicine and if a choice could be given to them to start again, 60 parents (54.5%) replied they would support their children to study medicine. Our results consistently show medicine remained an attractive profession in China.
All Author(s) ListWang YXJ, Li YT
Volume Number6
Issue Number1
PublisherAME PUBL CO
Pages84 - U108
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsChina; clinical specialty; job satisfaction; medicine; stress; survey
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