Genetic diversity and population structure of Chinese Lentinula edodes revealed by InDel and SSR markers
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摘要Genetic diversity and population structure of 88 Chinese Lentinula edodes strains belonging to four geographic populations were inferred from 68 Insertion-Deletion (InDel) and two simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers. The overall values of Shannon's information index and gene diversity were 0.836 and 0.435, respectively, demonstrating a high genetic diversity in Chinese L. edodes strains. Among the four geographic populations, the Central China population displayed a lower genetic diversity. Multiple analyses resolved two unambiguous genetic groups that corresponded to two regions from which the samples were collected-one was a high-altitude region (region 1) and the other was a low-altitude region (region 2). Results from analysis of molecular variance suggested that the majority of genetic variation was contained within populations (74.8 %). Although there was a strong genetic differentiation between populations (F-ST=0.252), the variability of ITS sequences from representative strains of the two regions (<3 %) could not support the existence of cryptic species. Pairwise F-ST values and Nei's genetic distances showed that there were relatively lower genetic differentiations and genetic distances between populations from the same region. Geographic distribution could play a vital role in the formation of the observed population structure. Mycelium growth rate and precocity of L. edodes strains displayed significant differences between the two regions. Strains from region 2 grew faster and fructified earlier, which could be a result of adaptation to local environmental factors. To the best of our knowledge, this was the first study on the genetic structure and differentiation between populations, as well as the relationship between genetic structure and phenotypic traits in L. edodes.
著者Xiang XJ, Li C, Li L, Bian YB, Kwan HS, Nong WY, Cheung MK, Xiao Y
期刊名稱Mycological Progress
關鍵詞InDel markers; Mycelium growth rate; Population genetics; Precocity; Shiitake mushroom
Web of Science 學科類別Mycology

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