Intention of nurses to receiving influenza vaccination before the 2013-14 season
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AbstractA study was conducted to determine the influenza vaccination uptake rate of nurses in Hong Kong after the pH1N1 epidemic, and examine their intention for vaccination before the next influenza season. Questionnaires in Chinese with multiple choice responses were delivered by post through 4nurses organizations. The following were explored: intentions and reasons for vaccination in the forthcoming season; perceptions of influenza outbreak risk; attitudes toward professional obligation and vaccination policies. Cramer's V and Eta values were calculated to analyze association and effect size. Between March and May 2013, analysis was made on 1,934 (6.8%) valid questionnaires, with 620 (30.7%) having received influenza vaccination before the season of 2012-13. Some 30.7% and 42% intended to accept and decline vaccination respectively in the forthcoming season (2013-14) while 27.3% remained indecisive. Over 80% of indecisive nurses had refused vaccination in the last season. More nurses refusing (18.1%) or indecisive (9.8%) of vaccination perceived being significantly unwell after past vaccinations, compared to only 1% in those who intended to accept. Expert opinions and guidelines were important for making decision on vaccination in 40% of nurses. The ranking of professional responsibilities of vaccination in indecisive nurses was between those declining and accepting future vaccination. Overall, past vaccination experience, professional responsibilities and reference to guidelines were major factors affecting nurses' decision on future vaccination against influenza in Hong Kong. The results might however not be generalizable to all nurses as the analyses were restricted to those responding to the appeal from selected professional organisations.
All Author(s) ListTo KW, Lee S, Lee SS
Journal nameHuman Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics
Volume Number11
Issue Number6
Pages1345 - 1350
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordsflu; influenza; influenza vaccine; nurses; survey; vaccination intention
Web of Science Subject CategoriesBiotechnology & Applied Microbiology; Immunology

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