Aromatic Saddles Containing Two Heptagons
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AbstractSoluble derivatives of C70H26 (1a,b) and C70H30 (2a,b), two new saddle-shaped polycyclic arenes containing two heptagons, were successfully synthesized from saddle-shaped diketones.(3a,b), whose Carbonyl groups are the key in the reactions to extend the polycyclic pi-framework. As found from the crystal structures, the polycyclic backbone of 1b has a deep saddle shape, while that of 2b is even more distorted because of the existence of two [4]-helicene moieties. Oh the basis of crystal structures, local aromaticity and nonplanarity of individual rings in the saddle-shaped pi-backbone were analyzed; and were found to follow Clar's rule in general: It was found that 1b and 3b behaved as p-type semiconductors in solution-processed thin film transistors while the amorphous films of 2b appeared insulating.
All Author(s) ListCheung KY, Xu XM, Miao Q
Journal nameJournal of the American Chemical Society
Volume Number137
Issue Number11
Pages3910 - 3914
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Web of Science Subject CategoriesChemistry; Chemistry, Multidisciplinary

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