On the visual deformation servoing of compliant objects: Uncalibrated control methods and experiments
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AbstractIn this paper, we address the active deformation control of compliant objects by robot manipulators. The control of deformations is needed to automate several important tasks, for example, the manipulation of soft tissues, shaping of food materials, or needle insertion. Note that in many of these applications, the object's deformation properties are not known. To cope with this issue, in this paper we present two new visual servoing approaches to explicitly servo-control elastic deformations. The novelty of our kinematic controllers lies in its uncalibrated behavior; our adaptive methods do not require the prior identification of the object's deformation model and the camera's intrinsic/extrinsic parameters. This feature provides a way to automatically control deformations in a model-free manner. The experimental results that we report validate the feasibility of our controllers.
All Author(s) ListNavarro-Alarcon D, Liu YH, Romero JG, Li P
Journal nameInternational Journal of Robotics Research
Volume Number33
Issue Number11
Pages1462 - 1480
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordsadaptive control; compliant objects; Deformation control; Lyapunov stability; robot manipulators; visual servoing
Web of Science Subject CategoriesRobotics

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