Worldviews, religions, and beliefs about teaching and learning: perception of mathematics teachers with different religious backgrounds
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摘要Beliefs about mathematics education and their influences on teaching practices have been widely investigated in recent decades. There have been numerous empirical studies on the influences of religions on teachers' and students' beliefs about subjects such as sciences and language. However, the influences of worldviews in general and religions in particular, as one of the major sources of beliefs in relation to mathematics education, are under-researched. The current study is a first step to unpacking the relationship between teachers' religions and their beliefs about mathematics teaching and learning. By means of semi-structured interviews with mathematics teachers of different religious backgrounds, teachers' perceptions on the connection between their personal religious beliefs and their beliefs about teaching and learning are investigated. In-depth analyses of the perceptions of three mathematics teachers reveal the complex relationship between teachers' religious beliefs and their teaching beliefs. First, there are some common values shared by different religions, which influence the beliefs about mathematics teaching and learning as well as education in general. Second, religion is a rich belief system, and the teachers appear to apply only a portion of their religious beliefs to guide their teaching. It is also possible that a teacher is influenced by more than one religion or cultural tradition. Despite its subtleties, our study provides evidence to support the alignment between teachers' personal religious beliefs and their beliefs about mathematics teaching and learning.
著者Chan YC, Wong NY
期刊名稱Educational Studies in Mathematics
頁次251 - 277
關鍵詞Beliefs about mathematics teaching and learning; Case study; Personal religious beliefs; Values; Worldviews
Web of Science 學科類別Education & Educational Research

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