Word juncture characteristics in world Englishes: A research report
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AbstractThe subtle juncture cues in older varieties of English such as Received Pronunciation can be difficult for speakers of new English varieties to perceive. This study looks at the perception of word juncture characteristics in three varieties of English (British, Hong Kong and Singapore) among British, Hong Kong and Singaporean listeners in order to widen our understanding of English juncture characteristics in general. We find that, even though reaction time data indicates that listeners perform quickest in the variety they are most familiar with, not only are juncture differences in British English difficult for Hong Kong and Singaporean listeners to perceive, they are also the most difficult for British listeners. Juncture characteristics in Hong Kong English are the easiest to distinguish among the three varieties.
All Author(s) ListSetter J, Mok P, Low EL, Zuo DH, Ao R
Journal nameWorld Englishes
Volume Number33
Issue Number2
Pages278 - 291
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Web of Science Subject CategoriesLanguage & Linguistics; Linguistics; LINGUISTICS

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