A genome-wide meta-analysis identifies two novel loci associated with high myopia in the Han Chinese population
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AbstractHigh myopia, highly prevalent in the Chinese population, is a leading cause of visual impairment worldwide. Genetic factors play a critical role in the development of this visual disorder. Genome-wide association studies in recent years have revealed several chromosomal regions that contribute to its progression. To identify additional genetic variants for high myopia susceptibility, we used a genome-wide meta-analysis to examine the associations between the disease and 286 031 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in a combined cohort of 665 cases and 960 controls. The most significant SNPs (n 61) were genotyped in a replication cohort (850 cases and 1197 controls), and 14 SNPs were further tested through genotyping in two additional validation cohorts (combined 1278 cases and 2486 controls). As a result of this analysis, four SNPs reached genome-wide significance (P 2.0 10(7)). The most significantly associated SNP, rs2730260 [overall P 8.95 10(14); odds ratio (95 CI) 1.33 (1.231.44)], is located in the VIPR2 gene, which is located in the MYP4 locus. The other three SNPs (rs7839488, rs4395927 and rs4455882) in the same linkage disequilibrium block are located in the SNTB1 gene, with P values ranging from 1.13 10(8) to 2.13 10(11). The VIPR2 and SNTB1 genes are expressed in the retina and the retinal pigment epithelium and have been previously reported to have potential functions for the pathogenesis of myopia. Our results suggest that variants of the VIPR2 and SNTB1 genes increase susceptibility to high myopia in Han Chinese.
All Author(s) ListShi Y, Gong B, Chen LJ, Zuo XB, Liu XQ, Tam POS, Zhou XT, Zhao PQ, Lu F, Qu J, Sun LD, Zhao FX, Chen HY, Zhang YP, Zhang DD, Lin Y, Lin H, Ma S, Cheng J, Yang JY, Huang LL, Zhang MZ, Zhang XJ, Pang CP, Yang ZL
Journal nameHuman Molecular Genetics
Volume Number22
Issue Number11
Pages2325 - 2333
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Web of Science Subject CategoriesBiochemistry & Molecular Biology; BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY; Genetics & Heredity; GENETICS & HEREDITY

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