Seasonal influenza vaccination predicts pandemic H1N1 vaccination uptake among healthcare workers in three countries
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摘要The aim of this study was to identify the common barriers and facilitators for acceptance of pandemic influenza vaccination across different countries. This study utilized a standardized, anonymous, self-completed questionnaire-based survey recording the demographics and professional practice, previous experience and perceived risk and severity of influenza, infection control practices, information of H1N1 vaccination, acceptance of the H1N1 vaccination and reasons of their choices and opinions on mandatory vaccination. Hospital-based doctors, nurses and allied healthcare workers in Hong Kong (HK), Singapore (SG) and Leicester, United Kingdom (UK) were recruited. A total of 6318 (HK: 5743, SG: 300, UK: 275) questionnaires were distributed, with response rates of 27.1% (HK), 94.7% (SG) and 94.5% (UK). The uptake rates for monovalent 2009 pandemic H1N1 vaccine were 13.5% (HK), 36.2% (SG) and 41.3% (UK). The single common factor associated with vaccine acceptance across all sites was having seasonal influenza vaccination in 2009. In UK and HK, overestimation of side effect reduced vaccination acceptance; and fear of side effect was a significant barrier in all sites. In HK, healthcare workers with more patient contact were more reluctant to accept vaccination. Drivers for vaccination in UK and HK were concern about catching the infection and following advice from health authority. Only a small proportion of respondents agreed with mandatory pandemic influenza vaccination (HK: 25% and UK: 42%), except in Singapore where 75.3% were in agreement. Few respondents (<5%) chose scientific publications as their primary source of information, but this group was more likely to receive vaccination.
著者Chor JSY, Pada SK, Stephenson I, Goggins WB, Tambyah PA, Clarke TW, Medina M, Lee N, Leung TF, Ngai KLK, Law SK, Rainer TH, Griffiths S, Chan PKS
頁次7364 - 7369
關鍵詞H1N1; Health care workers; Influenza; Pandemic vaccine; Standardized questionnaire; Vaccination
Web of Science 學科類別Immunology; IMMUNOLOGY; Medicine, Research & Experimental; MEDICINE, RESEARCH & EXPERIMENTAL; Research & Experimental Medicine

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