A "Spatiotemporal Analysis of Heroin Addiction" System for Hong Kong
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摘要Heroin addiction is a socio-behavioral and medical condition with significant public health implications. It is known that socioeconomic factors and population changes are important forces shaping the pattern of heroin addiction in a community. An understanding of these factors would be useful for the planning of effective intervention strategies. We applied the GIS technology in a study to display heroin addiction data over consecutive years in 18 districts of the territory of Hong Kong. Correlation was made between the proportions of heroin users in each district with the following variables: (a) changes in the local population size and structure; (b) economic attributes, in terms of employment and household income; (c) social factors, notably education levels; and (d) access to drug rehabilitation services, using methadone clinics as the surrogates. The data were obtained from available repository including the Census data, service statistics of methadone clinics, and Central Registry of Drug Abuse. The spatiotemporal framework has enabled analyses from different perspectives. We concluded that despite an overall decline in the number of heroin users in Hong Kong over the years, proportional increases were observed in selected districts. The association with poorer socioeconomic indices was obvious and the coverage of methadone clinics was found to vary from one district to another. The study offered a new means for examining conventional data, which may be useful in fostering public health policy development in the long run.
著者Pang PTT, Phoebe L, Leung WY, Lee SS, Lin H
會議名稱International Conference in GIS and Health
會議地點Hong Kong
詳細描述ed. by : Lai PC Mak SH.
頁次229 - 242
關鍵詞GIS; heroin addiction; methadone clinics; spatial analysis
Web of Science 學科類別Computer Science; Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Applications; Geology; Geosciences, Multidisciplinary; Public, Environmental & Occupational Health; Remote Sensing

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