Influence analysis for the factor analysis model with ranking data
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摘要Influence analysis is an important component of data analysis, and the local influence approach has been widely applied to many statistical models to identify influential observations and assess minor model perturbations since the pioneering work of Cook (1986). The approach is often adopted to develop influence analysis procedures for factor analysis models with ranking data. However, as this well-known approach is based on the observed data likelihood, which involves multidimensional integrals, directly applying it to develop influence analysis procedures for the factor analysis models with ranking data is difficult. To address this difficulty, a Monte Carlo expectation and maximization algorithm (MCEM) is used to obtain the maximum-likelihood estimate of the model parameters, and measures for influence analysis on the basis of the conditional expectation of the complete data log likelihood at the E-step of the MCEM algorithm are then obtained. Very little additional computation is needed to compute the influence measures, because it is possible to make use of the by-products of the estimation procedure. Influence measures that are based on several typical perturbation schemes are discussed in detail, and the proposed method is illustrated with two real examples and an artificial example.
著者Xu L, Poon WY, Lee SY
期刊名稱British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology
頁次133 - 161
Web of Science 學科類別Mathematics; Mathematics, Interdisciplinary Applications; MATHEMATICS, INTERDISCIPLINARY APPLICATIONS; Psychology; Psychology, Experimental; PSYCHOLOGY, EXPERIMENTAL; Psychology, Mathematical; PSYCHOLOGY, MATHEMATICAL; Statistics & Probability; STATISTICS & PROBABILITY

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