Consistency of teacher-reported problems for students in 21 countries
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AbstractThis study compared teachers' ratings of behavioral and emotional problems on the Teacher's Report Form for general population samples in 21 countries (N = 30,957). Correlations between internal consistency coefficients in different countries averaged .90. Effects of country on scale scores ranged from 3% to 13%. Gender effects ranged from <1% to 5%, and age effects were all <1%. With great consistency across countries, scores were higher for boys than. for girls on eight scales: Total Problems; Externalizing; the Attention Problems, Rule-Breaking Behavior, and Aggressive Behavior syndromes; and Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM)-orienied Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Problems, Oppositional Defiant Problems, and Conduct Problems. Correlations between mean item ratings in different countries averaged .74. Teacher's Report Form results were thus similar across 21 very diverge countries, despite differences across these countries in school systems, models of pedagogy, and curricula.
All Author(s) ListRescorla LA, Achenbach TM, Ginzburg S, Ivanova M, Dumenci L, Almqvist F, Bathiche M, Bilenberg N, Bird H, Domuta A, Erol N, Fombonne E, Fonseca A, Frigerio A, Kanbayashi Y, Lambert MC, Liu XC, Leung P, Minaei A, Roussos A, Simsek Z, Weintraub S, Weisz J, Wolanczyk T, Zubrick SR, Zukauskiene R, Verhulst F
Journal nameSchool Psychology Review
Volume Number36
Issue Number1
Pages91 - 110
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Web of Science Subject CategoriesPsychology; Psychology, Educational; PSYCHOLOGY, EDUCATIONAL

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