Giftedness of Chinese students in Hong Kong - Perspectives from different conceptions of intelligences
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AbstractThis study examined the self-perceived intelligences (multiple intelligences, emotional intelligence, and successful intelligence) of 498 Chinese gifted students in Hong Kong. Based on the associations among perceived intelligence scores, three dimensions could be distinguished to describe giftedness and could be interpreted as global giftedness, socioemotional giftedness, and artistic giftedness. Using profiles of perceived intelligences, students could be classified as falling into four clusters of supersmart students, socioemotionally gifted students, modest gifted students, and artistically gifted students. The supersmart students engaged in more activities related to leadership and creativity than the other clusters of students, with the modest gifted students reporting the least engagement. The supersmart students, however, were rated by teachers as less emotionally mature, showing less concern for others, and more likely to have behavioral conduct problems than the socioemotionally gifted students. Implications of the findings for conceptualizing giftedness and working with different groups of gifted students are discussed.
All Author(s) ListChan DW
Journal nameGifted Child Quarterly
Detailed description[ 2008 JCR SCCI Impact Factor : 0.340 ]
Volume Number52
Issue Number1
Pages40 - 54
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordsemotional intelligence; giftedness; multiple intelligences; profile types; successful intelligence
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