Grassroots nationalism: Changing identity in a changing context
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AbstractThis paper maps the struggles between competing versions of nationalist discourse in post-1997 Hong Kong. During the post-war years, Chinese nationalism had been downplayed by the colonial government foe the purpose of de-politicization. Despite the fact that Chinese nationalism had always been active among pro-China groups between the 1950s and the 1990s, the mainstream society had undergone a process of desinicization; Hong Kong was culturally and politically differentiated from the mainland. However, Hong Kong has recently been caught up in the crossroads where previously de-sinicized discourses of localism and international is in are re-negotiating with the new discourses of nationalism and patriotism. While these visible and politicized discourses are competing for cultural and moral leadership in a post-colonial context, another set of bottom-up discourses on nationalism is powerfully re-shaping national imaginations among Hong Kong people, bringing the nation closer to the everyday experience of the general public. In this paper, I will categorize and analyse these competing discursive processes, with my focus placed on the micro-politics of how Hong Kong people acquire a national imagination while travelling, doing business, and seeing family members and meeting friends in mainland China. Drawing upon ethnographic research in south China,(1) this paper traces the less visible, but no less powerful, nationalization processes in everyday encounters, in which the nation takes shape through the redrawing of psychological boundaries between Hong Kong and mainland Chinese people.
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Journal nameChina Review
Volume Number7
Issue Number2
Pages149 - 167
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
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