The effects of cognitive strategy instruction on Chinese reading comprehension among Hong Kong low achieving students
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摘要This study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of cognitive strategy instruction (CSI) on Chinese reading comprehension of Hong Kong low achieving students. A total of 88 Grade 7 students from four intact Chinese language remedial groups were randomly assigned to treatment and control conditions. Students in the treatment group received a 6-week Chinese CSI Program in their regular Chinese language lessons. The findings in this study generally supported that the Program had a positive impact on the reading development of low achieving students. Students who received strategy instruction made superior gains in comprehension performance, used more strategies during their reading process, had more knowledge about, strategy use, and showed a more positive attitude toward the reading instruction than did their peers who received traditional Chinese language instruction. Students' improvements on their strategy use and reading comprehension were maintained 4 months after the termination of the Program. However, the positive treatment effects of the Program were not transferred to other school subject materials, and students' reading motivation did not have significant changes after the Program. Factors contributing to the success of the Program as well as its limitations are discussed.
著者Lau KL, Chan DW
期刊名稱Reading and Writing
詳細描述[ 2008 JCR SCCI Impact Factor : 0.935 ]
頁次833 - 857
關鍵詞Chinese reading comprehension; cognitive strategy instruction; low achieving students; reading motivation
Web of Science 學科類別Education & Educational Research; EDUCATION & EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH; Psychology; Psychology, Educational; PSYCHOLOGY, EDUCATIONAL

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