Cyclooxygenase-2 expression in advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma - a prognostic evaluation and correlation with hypoxia inducible factor 1 alpha and vascular endothelial growth factor
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摘要Cycloxygenase-2 (COX-2), hypoxia inducible factor 1-alpha (HIF-1 alpha) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) can be induced by the Epstein-Barr virus oncoprotein latent membrane protein-1 (LMP-1) in nasopharyngeal cancer (NPC) cell tines. This study examined the prognostic relevance of COX-2 and its relationship with HIF-1 alpha and VEGF expression in NPC biopsies. Primary tumor biopsies were obtained from 78 participants of a randomized trial who received radiotherapy (RT) with or without concurrent chemotherapy for locoregionally advanced NPC. These were analyzed for COX-2 expression and then correlated with age, sex, disease stage, treatment arm, survival and disease recurrence, VEGF and HIF-1 alpha expression in a regression model. 83% of tumors expressed COX-2, 47% co-expressed COX-2 and VEGF, 38% co-expressed COX-2 and HIF-1 alpha. On univariate analysis, COX-2 expression did not correlate with survival and recurrence, but moderate to high COX-2 expression was associated with advanced nodal stage (p = 0.03). Although univariate analysis showed that COX-2-HIF-1 alpha co-expression was associated with worse progression-free survival (p = 0.046), time to local (p = 0.004) and regional recurrence (p = 0.007), multivariate analysis failed to confirm any correlation between COX-2-HIF-1 alpha or COX-2-VEGF co-expression and survival or disease recurrence. Contrary to previous report, this study failed to demonstrate any prognostic significance of COX-2 expression alone or co-expression with HIF-1 alpha or VEGF in advanced NPC. (c) 2006 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
著者Chan CML, Ma BBY, Hui EP, Wong SCC, Mo FKF, Leung SF, Kam MKM, Chan ATC
期刊名稱Oral Oncology
頁次373 - 378
關鍵詞cyclooxygenase-2; hypoxia inducible factor 1 alpha; nasopharyngeal carcinoma; vascular endothelial growth factor
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