Environmental quality of urban parks and open spaces in Hong Kong
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摘要It is widely purported that urban parks and open spaces can improve the urban environment by cleansing the air and reducing the noise. However, such environmental functions can be constrained by the size and the location of urban parks in very dense cities. This study examines the air and acoustic environment and heavy metal contamination in Hong Kong urban parks and open spaces. Using a hybrid field measurement and computer simulation approach, the study has found that while the air quality in urban parks is better than that of the roadside, it is not significantly different from that of the ambient conditions. Noise levels in the urban parks are not significantly lower than those at the typical home environment in Hong Kong. Heavy metals in urban park dust are slightly lower than that found at the roadside and are broadly comparable to those found at typical homes and nursery schools. These findings lend support to the postulation that the capability of urban parks and open spaces in dense cities to improve the urban environment is rather limited and call for a re-examination of the role of urban parks in enhancing urban livability. The findings also have implications on how urban parks in dense cities should be designed and managed.
著者Lam KC, Ng SL, Hui WC, Chan PK
期刊名稱Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
頁次55 - 73
關鍵詞air pollution; dense cities; heavy metal contamination; noise pollution; urban parks
Web of Science 學科類別Environmental Sciences; ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES; Environmental Sciences & Ecology

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