Prospective self-controlled study on prevention of hysteroscopic dissemination in endometrial carcinoma
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AbstractPatients diagnosed to have endometrial carcinoma without prior hysteroscopic examination were recruited from March 2000 to August 2003. Normal saline was used to distend the uterine cavity during the hysteroscopic examination to look for endocervical spread before the definitive surgical treatment. We performed laparotomy, clamped both fallopian tubes, and collected peritoneal washing before the hysteroscopic examination was performed. Peritoneal washing was collected once more after the hysteroscopic examination. Hysteroscopic assessment was performed in 103 patients. Of them, 10 patients were excluded from the study due to previous history of tubal sterilization or blockage. The final analysis was confined to 93 patients. Positive peritoneal cytology was found in 10 (10.8%) patients and this finding was significantly related to the tumor grading (P = 0.023), adnexal involvement (P = 0.003), cervical invasion (P = 0.01), and the presence of peritoneal seedlings (P = 0.001). In five of the 10 patients with positive peritoneal cytology before the hysteroscopic examination, malignant cells could also be recovered in the peritoneal washing collected after the hysteroscopic examination. For patients with negative peritoneal cytology before hysteroscopy, none exhibited positive peritoneal cytology after the procedure. Our data suggested that complete occlusion of both fallopian tubes can effectively prevent the dissemination of endometrial malignant cells into the peritoneal cavity during hysteroscopy.
All Author(s) ListLo KWK, Cheung TH, Yim SF, Yu MY, Chan LYS, Chung TKH
Journal nameInternational Journal of Gynecological Cancer
Volume Number14
Issue Number5
Pages921 - 926
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordsendometrial carcinoma; hysteroscopy; prevention; tumor cell dissemination
Web of Science Subject CategoriesObstetrics & Gynecology; OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY; Oncology; ONCOLOGY

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