Bone Protection Effects of A Novel Chinese Herbal Formula, Taikong Yangxin Prescription, in Hindlimb Unloaded Rats against Bone Deterioration
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AbstractObjective: To investigate the protective effects of a Chinese herbal formula, Taikong Yangxin Prescription (TKYXP) against bone deterioration in a hindlimb unloaded (tail-suspension) rat model. Methods: Thirty-two male Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into 4 groups: tail-suspension group fed with 2.5 of TKYXP extract (high dose), tail-suspension group fed with 1.25 (low dose), tail-suspended group treated with water placebo (placebo control group) and non tail-suspended group. The effects of TKYXP on bone were assessed using peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT), micro-computerized tomography (micro-CT) and three-point bending biomechanical test on the femur in vivo. Results: TKYXP had a significant protective effect against bone loss induced by tail-suspension on day 28, as shown in the reduction in bone mineral density (BMD) loss, preservation of bone micro-architecture and biomechanical strength. The administration ofhigh dose TKYXP could significantly reduce the total BMD loss by 4.8% and 8.0% at the femur and tibia regions, respectively, compared with the placebo control group (P<0.01) on day 28. Its bone protective effect on the femur was further substantiated by the increases of the trabecular BMD (by 6.6%), bone volume fraction (by 20.9%), trabecular number (by 9.5%) and thickness (by 11.9%) as compared with the placebo control group. Conclusion: TKYXP may protect the bone under weightless influence from gradual structural deterioration in the tail-suspension model.
All Author(s) ListKo CH, Siu WS, Chan CL, Koon CM, Fung KP, Li YZ, Li YH, Leung PC
Journal nameChinese Journal of Integrative Medicine
Volume Number21
Issue Number10
PublisherSpringer Verlag (Germany)
Pages759 - 764
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsChinese herbal medicine; micro-computerized tomography; osteoporosis peripheral quantitative computed tomography; tail-suspension rat model
Web of Science Subject CategoriesIntegrative & Complementary Medicine

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