Use of Language Beyond the Classroom: the Outcomes, Challenges and Success of an e-Based Cross-Cultural Project in French Class
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摘要In October 2008 the French Program of Linguistics and Modern Languages Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) launched an e-based group discussion project between their Advanced level French classes and French classes of a high school in Vienna, Austria. The project made use of the French Program e-learning platform built on Moodle. The platform was a student's reserved area and teachers in both regions agreed not to intervene in any of their students' online interactions. Common discussion topics were given one after another according to a common time table: each student first had to post a 200-250 words essay followed by one to three interactions. On students' side, the results of the first discussion topic showed very conventional writing with emphasis on grammar and syntax accuracy. However the results of the second and third discussion topics showed a clear evolution in both writing style and behavior: moving from very school-like, individualistic and dry style, essays and interactions to linguistically less prepared, more spontaneous, and group oriented communications. Such altruistic behavior moved from online to offline and became obvious in the relationship between students during and after class. On teachers' side, change in behavior was noticeable as well. They evolved from over-tutoring to under-tutoring in discussions 1 and 2 to finally finding the appropriate pace to meet their students' needs. Apart from illustrating with evidence the benefits in-class and beyond the classroom of an online cross cultural project, the authors would also like to report some of the challenges in administering the asynchronous interaction project.
著者Iseli N, Joly C, Lam P
會議名稱4th International Conference on e-Learing
詳細描述organized by Academic Conferences International,
頁次214 - 221
關鍵詞e-based cross-cultural project; enhancement of student motivation; evolution in students' and teachers' behavior; online community; Social and pedagogical benefits of e-learning
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