Quantitative Analysis of Moisture Effect on Black Soil Reflectance
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AbstractSeveral studies have demonstrated that soil reflectance decreases with increasing soil moisture content, or increases when the soil moisture reaches a certain content; however, there are few analyses on the quantitative relationship between soil reflectance and its moisture, especially in the case of black soils in northeast China. A new moisture adjusting method was developed to obtain soil reflectance with a smaller moisture interval to describe the quantitative relationship between soil reflectance and moisture. For the soil samples with moisture contents ranging from air-dry to saturated, the changes in soil reflectance with soil moisture can be depicted using a cubic equation. Both moisture threshold (MT) and moisture inflexion (MI) of soil reflectance can also be determined by the equation. When the moisture range was smaller than MT, soil reflectance can be simulated with a linear model. However, for samples with different soil organic matter (OM), the parameters of the linear model varied regularly with the OM content. Based on their relationship, the soil moisture can be estimated from soil reflectance in the black soil region.
All Author(s) ListLiu HJ, Zhang YZ, Zhang XL, Zhang B, Song KS, Wang ZM, Tang N
Journal namePedosphere
Volume Number19
Issue Number4
Pages532 - 540
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordsblack soil; quantitative analysis; remote sensing; soil moisture; spectral reflectance
Web of Science Subject CategoriesAgriculture; Soil Science; SOIL SCIENCE

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