Adult epiglottitis: 6 years experience in a university teaching hospital in Hong Kong
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摘要Adult epiglottitis is a relatively rare but potentially lethal disease. It seems to be increasing in incidence in other countries. The objective of this study was to examine the common presentations and clinical course of adult epiglottitis in Hong Kong. Retrospective review of 80 consecutive cases of adult epiglottitis admitted between 2000 and 2005. A rising trend in the incidence of adult epiglottitis was observed. The mean age (SD) was 49 years (15.7) and the male-to-female ratio was 2.5:1. Disease presentation was nonspecific and sore throat was the most common symptom. All patients were admitted to hospital; 47 (59%) patients were admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) and 31 (39%) had provision of an artificial airway. Mean (SD) length of stay in ICU and hospital was 1.9 (2.2) and 6.3 (2.9) days, respectively. Six patients (7.5%) were complicated by epiglottic abscess formation. No deaths occurred in this series. Patients who required airway intervention had a higher ICU admission rate and a higher bacterial identification rate. Flexible laryngoscopy was more sensitive than lateral neck radiography in diagnosing epiglottitis (100 vs. 81.4%). The laryngoscopic finding of a narrowed airway was strongly related to the requirement for airway intervention (odds ratio=23.7, 95% confidence interval=4.2-132.6, P < 0.001). A high index of suspicion is required for making the diagnosis of adult epiglottitis. Proper airway assessment and close monitoring are of the utmost importance in patient management. Flexible laryngoscopy is the key investigation of choice in the emergency department. European Journal of Emergency Medicine 16:221-226 (c) 2009 Wolters Kluwer Health vertical bar Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
著者Cheung CSK, Man SY, Graham CA, Mak PSK, Cheung PSY, Chan BCY, Rainer TH
期刊名稱European Journal of Emergency Medicine
出版社Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins
頁次221 - 226
關鍵詞adult epiglottitis; diagnosis; emergency department; flexible laryngoscopy
Web of Science 學科類別Emergency Medicine; EMERGENCY MEDICINE

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