Bone mineral status and its relation with dietary estimates of net endogenous acid production in Hong Kong Chinese adolescents
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摘要Diet composition influences net endogenous acid production (NEAP), which may affect bone health. No studies are available to relate dietary estimate of NEAP to bone health in Chinese adolescents. This study examined the association of dietary estimates of NEAP with bone mineral status in Hong Kong Chinese adolescents. Baseline data on 171 boys and 180 girls aged 10-12 years from the Hong Kong Adolescent Bone Health Cohort Study were presented. Weight, height, Tanner stage and dietary intakes by FFQ were collected. NEAP was estimated from diet using Frassetto's method. Bone area (BA), bone mineral content (BMC) and bone mineral apparent density (BMAD) of total hip, lumbar (L1-L4) spine and whole body were estimated by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA). No significant association was observed between BMC or BMAD and energy-adjusted NEAP or other nutrients. BA was significantly and positively associated with BMC at all sites in both sexes. Weight was significantly and positively associated with BMC in hip and spine in both sexes. Height was negatively correlated with hip BMC for boys and whole body BMC for girls. Pubertal stage was significantly and positively associated with BMC in all sites in both sexes. Weight and height contributed most of the variability in BMAD at different sites. The results suggest that anthropometric characteristics and pubertal stage are more influential than dietary NEAP in determining bone mineral status of Hong Kong Chinese adolescents. However, the methodological weaknesses regarding the use of DXA and FFQ in the present sample require attention.
著者Chan RSM, Woo J, Chan DCC, Lo DHS, Cheung CSK
期刊名稱British Journal of Nutrition
詳細描述Issue number 100
出版社Cambridge University Press (CUP): PDF allowed
頁次1283 - 1290
關鍵詞Adolescents; Bone health; Chinese; Net endogenous acid production
Web of Science 學科類別Nutrition & Dietetics; NUTRITION & DIETETICS

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