Albumin-to-Alkaline Phosphatase Ratio: A Novel Prognostic Index for Hepatocellular Carcinoma
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摘要Prognosis of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) depends on both tumour extent and hepatic function reserve. Liver function test (LFT) is a basic routine blood test to evaluate hepatic function. We first analysed LFT components and their associated scores in a training cohort of 217 patients who underwent curative surgery to identify LFT parameters with high performance (discriminatory capacity, homogeneity, and monotonicity of gradient). We derived a novel index, albumin-to-alkaline phosphatase ratio (AAPR), which had the highest c-index (0.646) and chi(2) (24.774) among other liver biochemical parameters. The AAPR was an independent prognostic factor for overall and disease-free survival. The adjusted hazard ratio of death and tumour relapse was 2.36 (P = 0.002) and 1.85 (P = 0.010), respectively. The independent prognostic significance of AAPR on top of 5 commonly used and well established staging systems was further confirmed in 2 independent cohorts of patients receiving surgical resection (P = 256) and palliative therapy (P = 425). In summary, the AAPR is a novel index readily derived from a simple low-cost routine blood test and is an independent prognostic indicator for patients with HCC regardless of treatment options.
著者Chan AWH, Chan SL, Mo FKF, Wong GLH, Wong VWS, Cheung YS, Chan HLY, Yeo W, Lai PBS, To KF
期刊名稱Disease Markers
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Web of Science 學科類別Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology; Genetics & Heredity; Medicine, Research & Experimental; Pathology; Research & Experimental Medicine

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