Bench to Bed Evidences for Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Interactions Involving Oseltamivir and Chinese Medicine
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AbstractOseltamivir (OA), an ethyl ester prodrug of oseltamivir carboxylate (OC), is clinically used as a potent and selective inhibitor of neuraminidase. Chinese medicines have been advocated to combine with conventional drug for avian influenza. The current study aims to investigate the potential pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic interactions of a Chinese medicine formula, namely, Yin Qiao San and Sang Ju Yin (CMF1), commonly used for anti-influenza in combination with OA in both rat and human, and to reveal the underlined mechanisms. It was found that although C-max, AUC and urinary recovery of OC, as well as metabolic ratio (AUC(OC)/AUC(OA)), were significantly decreased in a dose-dependent manner following combination use of CMF1 and OA in rat studies (P < 0.01), such coadministration in 14 healthy volunteers only resulted in a trend of minor decrease in the related parameters. Further mechanistic studies found that although CMF1 could reduce absorption and metabolism of OA, it appears to enhance viral inhibition of OA (P < 0.01). In summary, although there was potential interaction between OA and CMF1 found in rat studies, its clinical impact was expected to be minimal. The coadministration of OA and CMF1 at the clinical recommended dosages is, therefore, considered to be safe.
All Author(s) ListChang Q, Wo S, Ngai KLK, Wang XA, Fok B, Ngan TM, Wong VT, Chan TYK, Lee VHL, Tomlinson B, Chan PKS, Chow MSS, Zuo Z
Journal nameEvidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
PublisherHindawi Publishing Corporation / Oxford University Press (OUP): Policy B
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Web of Science Subject CategoriesIntegrative & Complementary Medicine; INTEGRATIVE & COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE

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