Assembly and Installation of the Daya Bay Antineutrino Detectors
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AbstractThe Daya Bay reactor antineutrino experiment is designed to make a precision measurement of the neutrino mixing angle theta(13), and recently made the definitive discovery of its non-zero value. It utilizes a set of eight, functionally identical antineutrino detectors to measure the reactor flux and spectrum at baselines of similar to 300-2000 m from the Daya Bay and Ling Ao Nuclear Power Plants. The Daya Bay antineutrino detectors were built in an above-ground facility and deployed side-by-side at three underground experimental sites near and far from the nuclear reactors. This configuration allows the experiment to make a precision measurement of reactor antineutrino disappearance over km-long baselines and reduces relative systematic uncertainties between detectors and nuclear reactors. This paper describes the assembly and installation of the Daya Bay antineutrino detectors.
All Author(s) ListBand HR, Brown RL, Carr R, Chen XC, Chen XH, Cherwinka JJ, Chu MC, Draeger E, Dwyer DA, Edwards WR, Gill R, Goett J, Greenler LS, Gu WQ, He WS, Heeger KM, Heng YK, Hinrichs P, Ho TH, Hoff M, Hsiung YB, Jin Y, Kang L, Kettell SH, Kramer M, Kwan KK, Kwok MW, Lewis CA, Li GS, Li N, Li SF, Li XN, Lin CJ, Littlejohn BR, Liu JL, Luk KB, Luo XL, Ma XY, McFarlane MC, McKeown RD, Nakajima Y, Ochoa-Ricoux JP, Pagac A, Qian X, Seilhan B, Shih K, Steiner H, Tang X, Themann H, Tsang KV, Tsang RHM, Virostek S, Wang L, Wang W, Wang ZM, Webber DM, Wei YD, Wen LJ, Wenman DL, Wilhelmi J, Wingert M, Wise T, Wong HLH, Wu FF, Xiao Q, Yang L, Zhang ZJ, Zhong WL, Zhuang HL
Journal nameJournal of Instrumentation
Volume Number8
PublisherIOP Publishing: Hybrid Open Access
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsDetector alignment and calibration methods (lasers, sources, particle-beams); Large detector systems for particle and astroparticle physics; Neutrino detectors
Web of Science Subject CategoriesInstruments & Instrumentation; INSTRUMENTS & INSTRUMENTATION

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