Kong Girls and Lang Mo: teen perceptions of emergent gender stereotypes in Hong Kong
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摘要The aim of this study was to explore how young people perceive and evaluate two emergent gender stereotypes in Hong Kong. It examines how the young population defines and negotiates the meanings of two media labels, Kong Girls (Hong Kong Girls) and Lang Mo (teenage models), which have become a part of daily usage. Moving beyond the debates about misrepresentations in the media, the paper discusses the functions and influences of stereotypes. A survey was conducted with 920 secondary school students. The findings were mixed. On the one hand, respondents expressed either favourable or neutral views towards the two labels with pejorative meanings. On the other hand, their evaluations of the characteristics of the two subtypes revealed the traces of many existing gender expectations. Both benevolent and hostile sexism were noticeable, which also suggests that the respondents' views were based on normalised judgments. The study highlights how fashionable terms that are coined and circulated by the mass media become new labels for specific social groups, and how they can form into more solid impressions in young people's minds. The results draw attention to the power and limits of the mass media in perpetuating gender stereotypes. The discussion considers the roles of sexism, new forms of femininity and the changing media environment in teen perceptions.
著者Chu DN
期刊名稱Journal of Youth Studies
詳細描述Issue 1.
出版社Taylor & Francis (Routledge): SSH Titles
頁次130 - 147
關鍵詞gender stereotypes; labelling theory; mass media; new femininities; sexism
Web of Science 學科類別Social Sciences - Other Topics; Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary; SOCIAL SCIENCES, INTERDISCIPLINARY

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