A Pilot Theory-Based Intervention to Improve Resilience, Psychosocial Well-Being, and Quality of Life Among People Living With HIV in Rural China
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摘要This pilot study aimed at fostering resilience among people living with HIV and improving the HIV-negative participants' acceptance of people living with HIV. A group of 75 people living with HIV who were former blood/plasma donors and 36 HIV-negative fellow villagers in rural China participated in the intervention. The 8 sessions lasted for 4 months and were facilitated by trained local family-planning officers. Efficacy of the intervention was assessed using a pre- and postprogram study design; measurements were made at baseline, at completion, and 3 months afterward completion. The authors found that the HIV-positive participants increased their levels of resilience, social support, and quality of life and that they reported fewer symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress at the completion of the intervention; most of these changes were sustained at the 3-month follow-up. Such participants also reported subjective improvements on problem-solving skills, self-confidence, and a feeling of being cared for by others. In addition, the HIV-negative participants' discriminatory attitudes toward people living with HIV were reduced after completing the intervention. The majority of the participants was satisfied with the intervention and would recommend it to others. The train-the-trainer approach was used effectively. Positive effects of the intervention have been revealed and future randomized controlled studies are warranted.
著者Yu XN, Lau JTF, Mak WWS, Cheng YM, Lv YH, Zhang JX
期刊名稱Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy
出版社Taylor & Francis (Routledge): STM, Behavioural Science and Public Health Titles
頁次1 - 16
Web of Science 學科類別Family Studies; FAMILY STUDIES; Psychology; Psychology, Clinical; PSYCHOLOGY, CLINICAL

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