High Osteopontin Plasma Level Associated with Abnormal Cortical Bone Mineral Density in Girls with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
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摘要Introduction: Low bone mineral density (BMD) has been shown to associate with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) girls. Osteopontin (OPN) was known to play an important role in bone mineralization. Recent report suggested that AIS subjects have higher OPN level than their healthy peers. This study aimed to document the OPN levels in AIS girls and its associations with BMD vs. normal control girls.

Materials and Methods: 45 AIS and 20 normal age-matched girls were recruited. Anthropometric and clinical data of AIS girls were recorded. Plasma OPN level was quantified with ELISA. The non-dominant distal radius BMD was measured with standardized peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT). The relationships between OPN, BMD, and anthropometric data were analysed with multivariate regression analysis.

Results: AIS girls was found to have longer arm span and lower body weight than the healthy controls. The OPN level of AIS girls is significantly higher than the controls. The BMD in AIS girls was significantly lower than the controls. Multivariate regression showed that OPN was the independent variables predicting cortical BMD in AIS group but not in normal controls.

Discussion and conclusion: This is the first study demonstrating the low cortical BMD in AIS is significantly correlated with high OPN level. Bone mineralization in cortical bone is dependent on the composition of the bone matrix protein. The high OPN level in plasma may reflect the underlying abnormalities in bone mineralization in AIS. The detail mechanism warrant further studies.
著者Sun GQ, Lam TP, Bobby NG, Yim PY, Lee KM, Moreau A, Qiu Y, Cheng JCY
會議名稱9th Biennial Meeting of the International-Research-Society-of-Spinal-Deformities (IRSSD)
期刊名稱Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
會議論文集題名Research into Spinal Deformities
系列標題Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
出版社IOS Press
頁次457 - 457
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