Sketch-based design for green geometry and image deformation
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摘要User interfaces have traditionally followed the WIMP (window, icon, menu, pointer) paradigm. Though functional and powerful, they are usually cumbersome for a novice user to design a complex model, requiring considerable expertise and effort. This paper presents a system for designing geometric models and image deformation with sketching curves, with the use of Green coordinates. In 3D modeling, the user first creates a 3D model by using a sketching interface, where a given 2D curve is interpreted as the projection of the 3D curve. The user can add, remove, and deform these control curves easily, as if working with a 2D line drawing. For a given set of curves, the system automatically identifies the topology and face embedding by applying graph rotation system. Green coordinates are then used to deform the generated models with detail-preserving property. Also, we have developed a sketch-based image-editing interface to deform image regions using Green coordinates. Hardware-assisted schemes are provided for both control shape deformation and the subsequent surface optimization, the experimental results demonstrate that 3D/2D deformations can be achieved in realtime.
著者Sheng B, Meng WL, Sun HQ, Wu EH
期刊名稱Multimedia Tools and Applications
詳細描述February 2013.\n\nTo ORKTS: Keyword:
4. Laplace's equation
出版社Springer Verlag (Germany)
頁次581 - 599
關鍵詞Green coordinates; Laplace's equation; Optimization; Sketch-based deformation
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